Bayhawk GRIT

Bayhawk GRIT

On Thursday July 11, the Bristol Athletics and Recreation staff joined together for a summer retreat. A great deal of time was spent on addressing our culture and core values. The group developed a list of words and phrases that best described what the department wants to be known for and another list of qualities that will help them achieve that reputation. From this information, They began developing their core values and Derek Viveiros, Director of Athletics and Recreation said "he is thrilled to share the end result of this exercise....Bayhawk GRIT".

Greatness: Aiming to Achieve greatness in academic, athletic and holistic growth.

Resourceful: Turning challenges into opportunities with a growth mindset.

Integrity: Always do the right thing.

Teamwork: Leadership through unified community.

"Our core values will help us shape our culture and clarify the identity of our athletics department. Grit is certainly needed by our student-athletes, coaches and staff in order to achieve success and Bayhawk GRIT will be the foundation of every decision we make," said Viveiros.

The group consisted of (in alphabetical order) Mary Cass (Head Men's and Women's Cross Country Coach), Dr. Alyssa Frezza (Academic Coordinator for Student-Athletes), Diane Hamel (Special Programs Coordinator - Athletics and Recreation), Jay Hanley (Head Women's Basketball Coach), Kieran Murray (EDP Entry III - Athletics and Recreation), Jason Tassinari (Athletics Recruiter/Head Women's Soccer Coach), and Derek Viveiros (Director of Ahletics and Recreation). 

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